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{First of all, Servants of all, We shall transcend all}
P.O. Box 1203, Dover, Delaware 19903
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'            CHAPTER HISTORY
Zeta Rho Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was officially founded on 6 November 1956. Undaunted by the whimsical nature of man, 13 courageous, imaginative crusaders embarked on a journey to create in the Capital of the First State, the most dynamic chapter of any Greek-letter organization in the history of Delaware.

Long associated with Delaware State College, these professional men had met and planned the establishment of a local chapter of Alpha. The secret meeting place was in the basement of the home of   Dr. Charles A. Henry on South Queen Street  - way from the prying eyes and ears of curious neighbors and sometimes wives and sweethearts. At the time, Queen Street was the “Broadway” of Dover. The area was replete with manicured lawns, quiet nights, and very highly sophisticated environs

Dr. Charles A. Henry —a local dentist — was the good host who provided a meeting place for the group; he had a one-hole putting green in his backyard where Alphas had many great days. 

Dr. Ophie W. Dunning and Dr. Jesse Williamson — both dentists — were the young ones in the group.

Lt. Lauren Hubbard — a Lieutenant at Dover Air Force — and Dr. Theophilus Parker — a noted educator and the wise one— were the elder statesmen of the group. 

Gordon Pinkett —an accountant and the business manager at Delaware State — was the fancy dresser of the group; he was suave and debonair. 

Dr. Anthony Gaines —the executive assistant to the president of Delaware State — was the shortest in the group.

James M. Poole —a Delaware State professor -- was also quite a dresser in the group. 

Dr. William E. Johnston — a Delaware State professor and dean of students -. was the scholar of the group. 

Frederick J. Franklin — a track coach, a professor of physical education, and the registrar at Delaware State — was known for his sincerity and knowledge of Alpha history; he was initiated into Alpha at Boston University and from where he graduated at age 19.

Courtney P. Houston, Jr. a band director at William Henry High School in the Capitol School District (Dover) -- became a judge in the judicial system of Delaware; he was a role model to young African American men in the area.

Willis E. Powell — a retired Army officer who served during the Italian Campaign in World War H as an artillery officer -was an elementary school principal; he lived next door to where the Mishoes now reside on State College Road. 

Dr. Ulysses S. Washington — a great football coach —was a professor and chair of Agriculture at Delaware State; he has a building named in his honor at Delaware State.